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About Us

In the way of innovating the work of the firemen.

The SmartSuit is a new communitaion service between the firemen inside and the goverment workers outside.


Different coding languages and hardware in one system.

Cross Platform

The SmartSuit admin page works both on mobile devices(iOS,Android,Windows) and desktop or notebook devices.

Awarded in Hungary

The SmartSuit won the Student Innovation Award in 2nd place, and the KUTDIÁK award.

More Code,More Functions,More IoT

Using Raspberry Pi 3 and coding languages like python makes the SmartSuit easy to customize and code.


By using only responsive elements for the administration and control panel,you can access the data and status from anywhere with an smartphone.

Easy to Use

Easy controlling site,with detailed information and graphicons to don't lose any important time to understand.

Great Support

Sensors are fully manageable within the admin site so you can easily configure your device.

Our Team

One Teacher,Two Students.


Zsolt Zsigó,Leader & Teacher


Levente Sivák,Developer


Enikő Nagy,Developer